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Mary S.

"Anna was a true professional from beginning to the end of our process. She provided a structure and content for our needs on performance management and delivered a workshop to support our 15 managers. Her mindful approach provided our organization an opportunity to learn about best practices when it comes time to evaluating staff. Thank you for your expertise as we work towards improving our methods."

Alex F.

"Anna certainly knows her stuff. She cares about the content she is presenting and its visible in the way her body language and speaking style are natural and not monotone. She wants to help!"

MacKenzie R.

"Anna was personable, kind and knowledgeable. Her presentation was well organized and she has been quite thorough for the entire experience, including offering a follow up meeting to take more questions from our staff. Thanks Anna!"

Kelly R.

"Anna is an innovative, servant leader, who ... works hard to build relationships at multiple levels throughout her organization, and is adept at leveraging those relationships for mutually beneficial purposes. She is often sought for advice and support, ... Anna will elevate the work of any and all teams of which she is a part."

Michael M.

Anna’s leadership abilities were clearly evidenced as she lead ... [a] project [that] required strategic vision, managing expectations of senior leadership, relationship building across units to break down silos, budgeting, extensive training for staff, and perseverance and grit to get the job done. Beyond this, she continually seeks new challenges and remains relentlessly curious which leads to continuous operational improvement. Perhaps most notable, she remains vigilant in her own leadership development and growing those around her.

Jeremy B.

"[Anna] dove headfirst into solving the problem of how to merge multiple departments with the goal of providing a single contact point for students across campus. The task at the time seemed to be insurmountable, how to convince people to change their established processes to embrace a new and untested department. Anna was instrumental in unifying everyone to create a successful, essential service for all students across campus. She accomplished all of this by working with other departments to produce a streamlined and highly effective team."

Jesus M.

"Strategic planning and development are needed when creating a successful business, and Anna has demonstrated those skills. I have gained valuable knowledge from Anna on training students, problem-solving, and interacting with co-workers."

Rene R.

Anna is very friendly and positive. I enjoyed the pace of the program. Easy to understand instructions and assignments.

Kayla B.

"Anna goes above and beyond to create a welcoming environment for her employees and customers and allows them a safe space to share ideas and give feedback. ... Anna also is extremely creative when it comes to problem solving. She brings a perspective that may seem out of left field but often leads to more discussions and eventually implementation of a solution that was not expected but works better than anyone would have predicted."


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