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Hello Friends

I am Anna Nichols!

Being raised as a first generation American, I have spent my life helping people understand one another. From translating for my Polish parents, to helping teams collaborate better, or leading major change in an organization. I believe clear, confident communication is an important part of developing as a person and as a leader. 


These experiences taught me the value of developing leadership skills in order to be successful as a manager, business owner, or entrepreneur

Today, I help people wanting to grow their leadership skills by improving their confidence and communication so that they can be empowered leaders in their businesses.  I support people in becoming empowered leaders through a journey of self-discovery, identity development, leadership strategies, and mindset transformation. 

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A true professional from beginning to end of the process...

"She provided a structure and content for our needs on performance management and delivered a workshop to support our managers. Her mindful approach provided our organization an opportunity to learn about best practices when it comes time to evaluating staff."
- Mary S. -

She continually seeks new challenges & remains relentlessly curious...

"Anna’s leadership abilities were clearly evidenced as she lead ... [a] project [that] required strategic vision, managing expectations of senior leadership, relationship building across units to break down silos, budgeting, extensive training for staff, and perseverance and grit to get the job done."
- Mike M. -

Out-of-the-box thinking is part of what makes her great...

"She is strong in supporting her team, and helping them develop as leaders in their own right. ... She is always considering what is right and what is necessary, not leaning on what’s always been done. Anna will elevate the work of any and all teams of which she is a part."
- Kelly R. -

Extremely creative when it comes to problem solving...

Anna goes above and beyond to create a welcoming environment for her employees and customers and allows them a safe space to share ideas and give feedback. ... She mentor[s] those around her so they can grow and develop as individuals both professionally and personally.
- Kayla B. -
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