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That Full Body “Yes” with Human Design Generator Wendy Harvey

In a world where many struggle to find their career path from an early age, Wendy Harvey's journey resonates deeply. The recent episode of The “Design and Align Your Business Podcast,” hosted by Anna Nichols, features an enlightening conversation with Wendy Harvey, a Human Design Generator. Wendy shared her transformative experience of shifting from a misaligned career to finding her passion in life coaching.

The Quest for Authenticity

Wendy Harvey recalls the early days where she envied her peers who seemed to have it all figured out. Her pursuit of authentic self-presentation and overcoming the urge to 'ghost' herself on social media marked the beginning of a significant life change. 

It wasn't until Wendy had an in-depth human design session with Anna that she realized her calling. Describing it as a lightning bolt moment, Wendy felt an undeniable surge of energy towards becoming a coach—the kind of passion and energy that one feels when they are on the right path. This section of their discussion highlights how pivotal moments can direct us towards fulfilling our life's work.

The Power of Human Design

Human design played a crucial role in Wendy's transformation. Human design not only helped her identify her strengths but also guided her to pursue what genuinely ignited her spirit. Wendy and Anna discuss how human design can serve as a roadmap, helping individuals harness their innate talents and energies. They underlined the importance of paying attention to 'what lights you up' and using that as a compass.

Join us in exploring Wendy's profound transition from a place of feeling lost in her career to embodying her role as a coach, fueled by her full body “yes” moment. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Wendy's pivotal experiences from feeling lost to finding her passion

  • Practical steps for using human design to guide your career choices

  • The transformative impact of authenticity in attracting success

  • Tips on following what truly lights you up for long-term satisfaction and success

  • Encouraging advice for those transitioning in their lives and careers

More about Wendy:

Wendy Harvey lives in Colorado with her husband and 3 kids. She is an Intuitive Life Coach working to empower women learn how to reclaim their confidence and rediscover their self- love. She has always loved helping people, and being a life coach is completely in alignment with who she is meant to be in this life. Currently, she is working on her coaching certification, where she will graduate with certifications for 8 different modalities. 

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