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Human Design Approach to Boosting Visibility

In today’s episode of the Design and Align Your Business Podcast, I am diving into the topic of business visibility through the lens of Human Design, guiding entrepreneurs on a journey to optimize their unique strategies. I’ll be sharing more about how each human design type can tailor their approach to visibility to show up in their business authentically.


Manifestors, known for their boldness, are encouraged to intentionally position themselves in spaces that inspire them to share their visionary ideas. Anna shares a compelling example of a dog trainer who found success by aligning her visibility strategy with her passion.


Projectors, often waiting for verbal invitations, are urged to expand their perception to nonverbal cues. Anna narrates a story of an energy healer who discovered the power of recognizing body language as an invitation, leading to greater success in her business.


Generators, driven by passion, are advised to avoid actions driven by societal expectations. Anna emphasizes the importance of engaging only in activities that genuinely excite and energize them, recounting a story of a new entrepreneur finding her ideal business community.

Manifesting Generators:

Manifesting Generators, often torn between diverse interests, are encouraged to embrace variety and try new things. Anna illustrates this with a story of a manifesting generator who found renewed energy and success by exploring new places and activities.


Reflectors, who mirror the energy around them, are urged to surround themselves with communities that inspire and uplift. Anna shares a story of a reflector entrepreneur who, when placed in a stagnant environment, struggled until she created a community that aligned with her energy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Visibility is about helping people know that you exist in the world of business.

  • Choosing the right visibility strategy is crucial and varies based on your unique human design type.

  • A review of how each of the different human design types can show up as their most authentic selves

I’m providing entrepreneurs with actionable insights to revolutionize their visibility strategies. The key, is not just in where you show up but how you, as an individual, show up in those spaces.


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