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Aligned Offers by Design

In this podcast episode, I am sharing the concept of human design and its significance in business development. How can entrepreneurs align their businesses with their unique human designs, and unique gifts to attract dream clients?

The podcast explores four key aspects of human design crucial for aligning business models. 

1. Type: This involves understanding your natural energy flow and how it can be harnessed in your business. 

2. Profile: This refers to the role one is meant to play in their life and whether it aligns with their role in the business.

3. Environment: This involves assessing whether the vibe or environment of one's business aligns with their human design.

4. Incarnation Cross: This pertains to one's life purpose and how it aligns with their business model and offers.

Being in alignment with your human design can lead to greater fulfillment and success in business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding and aligning your business with your unique human design can lead to higher satisfaction and success in business.

  • The four key aspects of human design that are essential in business model alignment

  • The main areas to explore in your human design for maximum business alignment 

  • Why it’s necessary to continuously reassess your alignment as your business and life evolves.


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