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A Mani Gen's Journey to Designing an Aligned Business with Lauren McLoughlin

In this episode of the "Design and Align Your Business" podcast, I sit down with Lauren McLoughlin, a former teacher turned business consultant, to explore the transformative power of human design in her entrepreneurship journey. Lauren shares how she went from the classroom to business, detailing how human design principles have not only shaped her business strategies but also helped her identify her unique abilities and 'zone of genius.'

Laurens Entrepreneurial Journey

Lauren shares her transition from teaching to business consulting, emphasizing the role of human design in understanding her strengths and leveraging them to attract the right clients and opportunities.

The Power of Intuitive Systems

A significant portion of the conversation is dedicated to discussing how intuitive systems, informed by one's human design, can lead to more creativity, efficiency, and growth in business.

Learning as a Path to Growth

Lauren candidly talks about her love for learning and how embracing this aspect of her design has empowered her to continuously evolve her business and serve her clients better.

This episode is a must-listen for any entrepreneur curious about human design and its application in the business world. Lauren's journey and insights offer valuable lessons on the importance of aligning one's business practices with their innate strengths and values for lasting success and satisfaction.

Key Takeaways:

  • Human design is your shortcut to learning about yourself

  • The Role of Systems for Creativity and Growth

  • Intuitive Systems and Personal Alignment

  • Learning and Adaptability

About Lauren:

Lauren is a former teacher turned business consultant and mom of 2 from Vancouver Canada. After creating a teaching resource membership, Lauren started helping teachers stop working evenings and weekends. While she loved coaching and teaching, her true passion lies in business! 

Now Lauren helps digital business owners- coaches, consultants course creators and online experts - set up the right systems in their business so that they can help more people without burning out. She's also the host of the Align and Inspire podcast- a podcast designed to help you build a business that's in alignment for you so you can go out and inspire and help more people!


Connect with Lauren:

Tune into her new podcast Align and Inspire - launching soon!

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