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Why Create an Aligned Business?

Welcome! Today, we're diving headfirst into the magical realm of human design, and why you should be working towards creating an aligned business. I'm Anna Nichols, your guide on this exciting journey to supercharge your business using the power of human design.

Personal Journey: Navigating Frustration to Discovery

I open up about my personal experiences, recounting the frustration of trying various strategies and feeling lost amidst conflicting advice from successful entrepreneurs. We take a trip down memory lane to my early days working with my first online business coach, where I experienced resistance to the prescribed model and strategies.

Discovery of Human Design: A Game-Changer

The turning point comes when I discover the concept of human design, realizing it could be the missing link to being my most authentic self in business. We delve into why aligning strategies with one's human design is essential for progress and serving the right clients. The conversation expands to stress the importance of alignment across all aspects of a business—from the ideal client and value proposition to the offer, messaging, marketing plan, and sales strategy.

Reflection and Personal Alignment

Reflect on these components and ask yourself the crucial question: Does your business feel aligned? We explore the intricate relationship between personal alignment and one's unique skills and energy. Aligning your business with your true self becomes not just a goal but a necessity.

Strategy and Authority in Human Design

The episode introduces the pivotal concepts of strategy and authority in human design—the secret sauce for creating an aligned business. I challenge you to practice using your strategy and authority in decision-making, assuring you that this foundation will lead to identifying the right clients, offers, and messages in your business.

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Key Takeaways

  • Explore how human design can be practically applied to one's business

  • The number one most important part of one's human design to create an aligned business.

  • Reflect on whether your business is in alignment with your unique human design and identify any areas where you feel resistance.

  • Consider if your business feels energizing or draining and if you are showing up as the most authentic version of yourself.


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