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A Projector's Path to More Rest and More Profit with Heather Benningsdorf

Today on the podcast I am catching up with Heather Benningsdorf, a licensed acupuncturist and Reiki master from Enlightened Wellness. We are going to dive deep into the transformative journey of leveraging human design for projectors in the business world. Heather shares her inspiring transition from traditional medicine to the world of holistic health specializing in acupuncture and Reiki. Learn more about how when Heather uncovered her Human Design and how that played a the pivotal role in the understanding of her projector nature to help her achieve work-life balance, business growth, and personal well-being.

The Journey to Enlightened Wellness

Heather's path to creating Enlightened Wellness was deeply personal, inspired by her mother, a nurse, and her grandfather's battle with cancer. This led her to explore alternative healing methods, eventually falling in love with acupuncture and Reiki. However, the road was not without its challenges. Heather candidly shared her initial struggles with burnout while juggling her healing practice and a part-time job. It was her encounter with Anna and the principles of human design that marked a turning point.

The Power of Rest for Projectors

Heather, a 1-4 projector herself, discussed how embracing her need for rest, rather than resisting it, allowed her business to flourish. She highlighted how projectors operate differently, emphasizing efficiency over long hours. This mindset shift, from guilt to acceptance of her unique design, enabled Heather to work smarter, not harder, leading to a significant increase in her business's success.

Leveraging Human Design for Business Growth

Applying your human design can be a game-changer as an entrepreneur. For Heather, recognizing her projector nature helped her refine her business strategy, from scheduling intentional rest times to trusting her intuition and the universe. This alignment between her personal energy and her business practices not only tripled her business but also brought her immense joy and satisfaction.

The episode was rich with actionable advice for listeners, especially projectors looking to harness their human design in business. Key takeaways included the importance of scheduling rest, trusting one's intuition, and focusing on efficiency. Heather also stressed the value of engaging with one's audience authentically, whether through social media or other platforms, to attract the right clients.

Heather’s journey is a testament to the transformative potential of understanding and applying human design in business. Her story offers valuable insights and inspiration for entrepreneurs, particularly projectors, on the path to aligning their business with their unique gifts. As Anna and Heather concluded, embracing one's authentic self is not just liberating but also a powerful strategy for business growth and personal fulfillment.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Importance of Rest for Projectors

  • Mindset and Subconscious Work

  • Networking and Community Engagement

  • Tuning into your human design and uncovering your strengths

  • Growth and Income Increase

  • Trust in the Universe and Intuition

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