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A Generator's Guidance on Designing an Aligned Offer with Victoria D'Ambrozio

In the latest episode of the Design and Align Podcast, I am inviting mindset and manifestation coach Victoria D’Ambrosio to chat! We dive into how understanding and harnessing one's unique design can lead to success without sacrificing personal well-being.

Embracing the Full Body 'Yes

Victoria opens up about her evolution from one-on-one sessions to the epiphany of starting a membership program. Initially hesitant, it was an internal exploration and subconscious reprogramming that led her to a 'full body yes' – the undeniable confirmation that her business was aligning with her soul's calling. We emphasize the importance of following intuitive hints and making tweaks to align with your vision. It's about gathering the small clues and making minor pivots rather than dramatic shifts, which when in sync, reveal the larger picture of one’s business aspirations.

Bringing Subconscious Power to the Surface

Diving into the nitty-gritty of mindset work, Victoria shares how tackling limiting beliefs around money and visibility can usher in breakthroughs. The subsequent shift doesn't just transform businesses but manifests in increased revenue and ideas. Victoria's specialization in helping service-based businesses align using their unique gifts, including human design, is a lesson in authenticity. 

Through our conversation, we lay out a roadmap for entrepreneurs to follow their unique human design, allowing for the synergy of intuition and strategy in business. Connecting the dots between human design, mindset, and practical business implementations, this episode of the Design and Align Podcast serves as an inspiring guide for aligning business and soul. There's an undeniable energy when work overlaps passion, and as we illuminate in the episode, the 'hell yes' feeling is a beacon that guides entrepreneurs to their true north in business and life.

Key Takeaways:

  • The process of internal work and subconscious reprogramming

  • Encouragement to step outside the box and draw inspiration from diverse industries.

  •  Victoria's move in overcoming limiting beliefs in her clients.

  • The significance of intuitive responses and waiting for a "full body" yes.

  • How human design led to breakthroughs in Victoria's program development.

More about Victoria:

Victoria is a mindset and subconscious reprogramming coach who helps online business owners identify their subconscious money blocks so they can manifest more money and success into their business.

Connect with Victoria:

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