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How to be Authentic and Stand Out in Business

Dive Deep into Your Sun Gate with Anna!

Today we are chatting about a MAJOR aspect of your Human Design chart, your Sun Gate! This isn’t just any part of your Human Design, it's the essence of your identity, the core of who you are - it's about discovering the REAL you. Understanding your Sun Gate is about to change everything, especially how you run your business and attract your dream clients.

I am shedding light on both the conscious and unconscious aspects of your Sun Gate. Whether you're a seasoned Human Design explorer or just starting out, I break it down in a way that’s accessible and, honestly, pretty exciting. You’ll learn why your Sun Gate is so pivotal to your personal and professional life and how it could be the key to an authentic and magnetic presence in your business world.

In this episode:

  • Understanding Your Sun Gate: Unpack the role your Sun Gate plays in defining your identity and how it can be leveraged in your business.

  • Tutorial on Reading Your Chart: Don’t get lost in the complex charts! Anna offers a straightforward guide to understanding the right and left columns of your Human Design chart.

  • Practical Steps: It's not just theory. Anna gets into the practical nitty-gritty of utilizing your Sun Gate to enhance your entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • Personal Anecdotes and Examples: Nothing teaches better than real-life applications. Hear how Anna’s Sun Gate, Gate 53.5, actively influences her career and life decisions.

  • A Deep Dive into Gene Keys: Discover another layer to your design with a discussion on how Gene Keys intersect with Human Design, enriching your understanding of yourself.

Whether you are looking to revolutionize the way you see yourself or fine-tune your business strategy, this episode is a goldmine. Don’t just passively consume the information; engage with it, see how your Sun Gate has been playing out in your life, and prepare to use this knowledge to shine brighter than ever.


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