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Are You Creating Aligned Offers?

Today I am talking about the nine centers in the human design chart and their influence on business strategies. I’m emphasizing the strengths and challenges that each of these centers provide and how entrepreneurs can align their business practices according to their unique human design for more effectiveness.

Learn more about the nine centers on the podcast and how each of them can benefit you as an entrepreneur.

  1. Head Center: Inspiration and Mental Pressure

  2. Ajna Center: Processing and Certainty

  3. Throat Center: Communication and Expression

  4. G Center: Identity & Self-Awareness

  5. Heart Center: Will & Ego

  6. Sacral Center: Vitality and Workforce

  7. Spleen Center: Intuition and Safety

  8. Solar Plexus Center: Emotional Waves

  9. Root Center: Drive and Stress Management

Understanding whether your centers are defined or undefined in your human design can significantly influence how you approach business. Those with defined centers have certain innate strengths that should be capitalized on, where those with undefined centers should consider more adaptive and flexible strategies.

As entrepreneurs, recognizing these personal intricacies can lead to not only more strategic business decisions but also a deeper alignment with one’s core self, facilitating a more fulfilling entrepreneurial journey. By listening to the Design and Align Podcast, listeners can gain further insights into leveraging human design for business alignment and growth.


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