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Embracing Her Design in Biz with 6/2 Manifesting Generator Nichole Chapis

In episode 29 of the Design and Align Your Business Podcast, I sit down with Nichole Chapis, the dynamic CEO and founder of Stargazer Creative. As a 6/2 Manifesting Generator, Nichole’s unique Human Design informs her transformative approach to networking and marketing. This episode dives into how Nichole leverages her design to help businesses thrive more intentionally and effectively.

Redefining Networking

Nichole revolutionizes the traditional, monotonous networking routine. She encourages purposeful and strategic networking, catering specifically to the right demographic and business goals. Her approach turns the often frustrating experience of networking into a productive and enjoyable endeavor, ensuring businesses aren’t wasting time in the wrong spaces.

The 6/2 Role Model and Sacral Authority

Nichole’s 6/2 role model energy—paired with her sacral authority—guides her in making instinctive, impactful business decisions. This innate ability to trust her gut feelings has led Nichole to create bold business strategies that are both effective and aligned with her authentic self. She advocates for others to also tune into their sacral responses to achieve more harmonious and successful ventures.

Strategic Marketing

In her marketing practice, Nichole dismantles the pressure of maintaining a presence on every social platform. She helps clients to focus on quality over quantity, tailoring their presence to where their audience is most active. This strategic approach not only reduces stress but also boosts productivity and results.

The Networking Neighborhood

Nichole’s “Networking Neighborhood” is a membership-based database curating 80 different networking opportunities, tailored to various industries and business goals. This personalized approach helps entrepreneurs effectively utilize their time and efforts, making networking a more beneficial endeavor.

Understanding Environment: The Caves Analogy

Learning about her Human Design Caves environment—a curated, controlled space—was a revelation for Nichole. This understanding aligns perfectly with her preference for working with a select number of clients, providing focused and customized strategies. This environment not only suits her working style but also maximizes her energy and effectiveness.

Leveraging Defined Centers

Nichole discovered immense power in understanding her defined throat center. Realizing that she is designed to communicate and share her ideas strengthened her confidence in using her voice within her business. This realization has attracted clients who appreciate her assertive and guiding presence.

Key Takeaways:

- The importance of intentional networking 

- Understanding Nichole’s journey and how human design shaped her approach

- How to avoid the 'bro energy' pitfalls in networking

- The concept and power of a 'caves environment' for focus and productivity

- Leveraging Nichole’s marketing expertise to curate your networking efforts

- Real-life examples of success through alignment and intentionality

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