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Making Decisions in my Business using my Sacral Authority

One key to building a great business is knowing it's going to change. Whether it’s growing or pivoting, you need to keep rethinking what your business should look like. Welcome to the Design and Align Your Business Podcast. I’m Anna Nichols, and today we’re talking about human design and using it to make smart business moves. I want to help you find your strengths, attract the right clients, and feel sure about where you’re headed. Remember, there’s no perfect way to grow a business—just the right way for you.

The Power of Your Gut Feeling

Human design is amazing for decision-making. For example, my sacral authority gives me clear gut yes or no signals. This helps simplify complex choices, like picking the right technology or services for my business. Your authority might be different, but it’s all about tuning in to what works for you.

Practical Steps to Use Your Gut in Business

Here’s some practical advice I used when evolving my business into a spiritual business incubator. If you need to decide something specific, like choosing a tech stack, try this:

1. Get Specific: Define the exact problem you need to solve.

2. Find an Intentional Space: Choose a place that aligns with your HD environment

3. Listen to Your Body: Notice how your body reacts as you focus on your question.

4. Map it Out: Visualize everything with tools like a big sticky note or chart.

5. Take Small Steps: Be patient and trust the process—answers will come gradually.

Building the Right Support System

Having the right support is essential. This includes both technology and people. Use an organizational chart to figure out which roles you need help with, and hire the right experts to support you. This lets you focus on what you love and do best.

Aligning Business with Life

Always check that your business aligns with your life goals. Regularly revisit your core values and make sure everything feels right. The end goal is not just a successful business but a balanced, fulfilling life too.

By embracing business changes and aligning them with your human design, you set up for true success.


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