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Ep 31. How Fun = Success in Business with 2/5 Projector Natalie Barnett

This week, I’m excited to have Natalie Barnett, a 2/5 Projector, joining us to share her unique insights on how incorporating fun into your work can fuel success. This episode we dive into human design, personal alignment, and the significance of trusting your intuitive wisdom.

The Power of Human Design

At the outset, Natalie emphasized the transformative power of understanding your human design. She pointed out that knowing your design and leaning into your natural strengths will change everything for you. “Just trust it. Don't let your brain get in the way. Don't let your mind get in the way of your authority,” she advises. Natalie, a mom of three and a certified clinical hypnotherapist, uses her projector energy to excel in coaching, EFT tapping, and hypnotherapy.

Integrating Fun into Your Business

Natalie shared practical insights on how she integrates fun into her business process. Being a projective person, she enjoys interacting on social media, not just for business but for sharing her interests like her love for squirrels or favorite meals. She underscores the importance of doing what fascinates you and finds fun in learning new modalities like NLP and EFT tapping.

“I took three days off just to binge-watch Daisy Jones & The Six,” she revealed, emphasizing the balance between learning and taking breaks. Trusting her subconscious mind, she finds that taking breaks, although scary, often opens doors for new opportunities. For Natalie, this break led to new client invitations and business ventures, proving that rest can be productive.

Trusting Your Intuition

Natalie shared her own experience of listening to her spleen’s guidance, which led her through significant life changes like moving to a new city and switching careers. By following these intuitive nudges, she found her way into a fulfilling career as a life and success coach, adding layers of expertise along the way.

Overcoming Traditional Mindsets

A major takeaway from this episode is how vital it is to overcome traditional, often restrictive, mindsets. We touched on the societal conditioning to just push through, even when something doesn’t feel right. Natalie’s advice? “Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect.” It's a reminder to give oneself permission to evolve, change direction, and trust in the process.

Whether you’re a projector, generator, manifester, or any other type, understanding and leaning into your human design can not only help your business but also make the journey enjoyable. Natalie’s key piece of advice is simple but powerful: “First of all, learn your human design, because it will change everything.”

About Natalie:

Natalie Barnett is a mom of 3 and a Success Coach using Neurolinguistic Programming, EFT Tapping and Clinical Hypnotherapy to help female entrepreneurs to embrace their ambition and reach the level of success that they want on their terms!

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