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EP 32. Designing Your Business so it is Aligned with your Expanded Vision

This week on the podcast I’m talking about what it means to intentionally design your business for an expanded vision of success. Whether you’re dealing with the concept of "new level, new devil" or "new level, same devil," growth invariably brings its challenges. Today, I'll share some key insights and practical strategies on making pivotal decisions that align your business structure with your larger vision.

New Level, New Devil: Embracing the Challenges

We often hear that with every business growth spurt comes a new set of hurdles. Heck, sometimes it's the same hurdles in different forms! Navigating these challenges isn’t always easy, but the key lies in intentional decision-making. By aligning your business trajectory with your human design and incorporating strategic planning, you can mitigate many of these growing pains.

Laying Down the Building Blocks: Your Business Blueprint

As you know, my mission is to help entrepreneurs align their businesses using human design. But before we dive into the exciting world of energy and spiritual alignment, let's get practical. Every business, big or small, needs a solid foundation made up of basic components: client-facing operations, behind-the-scenes operations, finance and accounting, marketing, and sales. 

When I assess these components within my clients' businesses, many find gaps or redundancies. It’s not uncommon to be handling everything yourself or to have patchwork systems in place. Identifying these shortcomings is the first step in reorganizing and restructuring your business intentionally.

Human Resources and Digital Tools: Your Business Lifeline

Once you’ve identified the core components of your business, it's essential to bolster them with the right resources—both human and digital. Who are your team members? Do you have a virtual assistant, a graphic designer, or a financial advisor? What digital tools and systems are you employing? Are they efficient and effective for your long-term vision?

It's okay if you're currently wearing many hats. What’s important is recognizing the need for support and actively seeking it. Hire people for roles aligned with their strengths and find digital solutions that meet your unique needs.

The Role of Human Design in Business Strategy

This is where it gets exciting! Your Human Design can offer excellent insights into which areas of your business should be outsourced. Are some tasks draining your energy? Are there roles that just don’t fit your natural skill set? Identifying these through Human Design can be transformational. Look at your undefined centers and see how they align with the different components of your business.

Next Steps: Crafting Your Intentional Business Blueprint

Creating an organizational chart can clarify your business needs and where to allocate resources. This is not just a corporate formality; it’s a tool to align every aspect of your business with your larger vision. Make sure each role and system is intentionally designed to support your goals.

Designing your business for an expanded vision isn't something that happens overnight. It requires intentional planning and alignment with your highest self. By understanding the necessary components of your business and how to leverage Human Design, you open the door to sustainable and fulfilling growth. 

Remember, taking care of your business means taking care of yourself. Here’s to designing a business that supports your vision and allows you to thrive!


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