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Ep 33. Passion and Purpose with Human Design Generator Kristine Munro

In episode 33, I am joined by Kristine, a 4/6 Generator, who shares her  journey of discovering her passion and purpose through human design. Let's dive deep into the gems from their conversation!

Understanding the 4/6 Generator

First, let's clarify what being a 4/6 Generator entails in human design. Generators are known for their powerful life force energy and their ability to bring ideas to life. Kristine is naturally inclined to create meaningful social connections and, through her own lived experiences, serve as a beacon for others on their journeys.

From Chaos to Harmonization

Kristine's upbringing played a significant role in shaping her path. Influenced by her father, she was instilled with the concept of harmonization. As an adult, she realized her unique gift—bringing order out of chaos. This ability aligns beautifully with her human design and has become a cornerstone of her work as an entrepreneur and energy healer. Through her company, the illume collective, Kristine creates spaces for people to evolve from confusion to clarity, mirroring her own journey.

Leveraging Human Design to Find Purpose

Kristine's story is a testament to the power of self-discovery. Initially, she lived according to societal expectations, struggling to identify her true passions. Once she tuned into her human design, she was able to gain so much clarity.. Understanding her 4/6 Generator profile validated her natural inclination towards creating safe and harmonious spaces. Guided by her intuitive insight and energy work, Kristine started organizing social events like curated brunches, which rapidly grew into workshops and a thriving community.

The Illume Collective: From Vision to Reality

The inception of the Illume collective started with a vision Kristine had for "business bosses who brunch." Even though she knew no one in Denver, her passion for organizing led her to host a successful event that connected like-minded entrepreneurs. These brunches evolved into workshops and ultimately the Illume collective, where she empowers others to live their true purpose. 

The Inner Work: A Journey and an Offering

Kristine emphasizes the need for inner work and intuition in her journey. She offers a 30-day online masterclass series designed to help others activate their purpose and unlock their unique gifts. Besides, her six-month inner circle mastermind focuses on deep healing and business development, leveled up through human design.

Kristine’s journey from living out societal expectations to embodying her purpose is very inspiring. By leveraging the insights from her human design, she not only transformed her own life but also created impactful spaces for others to do the same. Using human design to navigate life's complexities and uncovering one's gifts can be incredibly transformative.

For those intrigued by Kristine's story and eager to explore their own human design, check out our show notes for practical resources and don’t forget to leave a review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Together, let's spread the message of aligning with our true selves!

About Kristine:

Kristine Munro is a Soul Purpose Activator, the Founder and Intuitive Community Builder of The Illume Collective and the host of the Pivot to Passion podcast.

Kristine’s entrepreneurship journey started 15 years ago in Finance & Real Estate. She built a 7-Figure, award-winning business and though she had outward success and recognition, she felt unaligned, knowing deep down she was meant for more. Despite her fear, she left it all to start from scratch, pivoting her way to follow her heart and purpose.

On her path of self-discovery, Kristine learned to tap into her intuition which led her to find her passion for building a magnetic community for female entrepreneurs to connect on a deeper level, easy access to mentors and all the support they need to pursue their big dreams. 

Kristine is a certified Energy Healer and Life/Business Coach, mentoring women entrepreneurs to activate their purpose and get paid for being themselves through her methodology working with Intuition, Subconscious Reprogramming and Energy Healing.

Kristine is a proud wife and mom of two. Her top priority is being a role model for them to show them that there are no limits to what they can achieve.

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