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Business Advice that is Holding You Back from Expansion

In episode 34 of the "Design and Align Your Business Podcast," I invite you to pause and reflect on the multitude of business advice out there. It's crucial to decide what truly resonates with you and what makes sense for achieving the results you desire in your business. Every entrepreneur’s journey is unique, and it’s essential to align business strategies with individual goals and human design.

Six Pieces of Outgrown Business Advice

One key takeaway I discuss is the fallacy that there is a universally perfect business model. I debunk this by suggesting that different models work for different people based on their unique human design, life circumstances, and business goals. I encourage you to question blanket statements about the best type of program or business approach and find what aligns specifically with you.

The Misuse of Messy Action

I highlight the importance of moving beyond the concept of "taking messy action." While experimenting early on can be beneficial, aimlessly throwing spaghetti at the wall is not a mature business strategy. Instead, I advocate for aligned and intentional actions that contribute to long-term business growth and stability, allowing for strategic planning and resource optimization.

Committing Blindly to a Long-Term Plan

Another piece of advice I challenge is the notion of sticking to one business strategy for a year to 18 months without reevaluation. It’s important to commit to a plan but also be flexible enough to pivot if something feels misaligned. Understanding your human design and doing thorough market research can guide more intentional long-term planning.

The Importance of Human Design

I underscore that human design should play a significant role in business decisions. By aligning business strategies with energy types and natural skills, you can create services that resonate deeply with your desired clients. This alignment not only fosters business growth but also ensures that you feel more fulfilled and less frustrated.

Building Intentional Support Structures

As businesses grow, so do their support needs. Moving from a solopreneur model to a team or agency structure can be beneficial. Establishing intentional support structures, both in terms of team dynamics and business offers, is critical for managing expansion effectively.

My advice carries a fresh perspective for entrepreneurs seeking to align their business strategies with their unique skills and goals. By embracing human design, questioning outdated advice, and planning intentionally, you can create a business that not only thrives but also feels authentically fulfilling.

If this episode resonates with you, consider leaving a review for the "Design and Align Your Business" podcast and join me for the next human design happy hour mentioned in the show notes. Remember, the journey to a successful business is uniquely yours, and aligning your path with your true self is key to unlocking its full potential.


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