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Productivity and Time Management Tips with 5/1 Manifestor Jill Wright

On episode 35 of the Design and Align Your Business Podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jill Wright, a time management strategist and human design enthusiast. Our conversation revolved around how understanding human design can boost productivity, improve time management, and foster well-being, especially for entrepreneurs.

The Importance of Rest for All Human Design Types

Rest is crucial for productivity across all human design types. It’s not just for those who feel burned out; it’s a vital part of maintaining alignment in both business and personal life. Jill shared how embracing rest transformed her life, especially as a 5/1 Manifestor who often struggles with energy management.

Jill Wright's Archetypes of Moms and Human Design Toolboxes

Jill introduced her concept of the four archetypes of moms, an initiative that helps mothers manage their responsibilities according to their human design types. These archetypes form the cornerstone of personalized toolboxes Jill has developed, offering specific coping mechanisms and strategies. You can take a quiz on her website to identify your archetype and get a tailored toolbox.

Time Management Tips by Human Design Type

We discussed actionable strategies for different human design types:


Manifestors need open schedules that allow for spontaneous bursts of activity and ample rest. Scheduling downtime as rigidly as tasks helps align with their natural energy flow.


Generators benefit from themed days and creating a "have to" vs. "hope to" list. This enables prioritizing essential tasks while allowing room for joyful activities.

Manifesting Generators

These individuals thrive with a structured wind-down routine and brain dumps. Writing down everything on your mind before finishing the day clears mental clutter for a productive tomorrow.


Projectors should plan tasks according to their energy levels and automate repetitive tasks to conserve energy for more critical activities.


Reflectors thrive in co-working spaces and benefit from having distinct input and output days, balancing social interaction and introspection.

The Power of Community and Continuous Learning

Jill and I emphasized the significance of community support in leveraging human design insights. Jill’s online community, The Village, offers a vibrant space for learning and growth. Getting your human design chart done is a great first step towards self-exploration and interactive implementation of this knowledge.

Human Design: An Essential Tool for Entrepreneurs

Understanding your not-self theme can be incredibly liberating. For Jill, recognizing that anger is her not-self theme was crucial in knowing when to stop or pivot. Human design can validate if you’re in alignment and help you move confidently in your business journey.

By understanding and embracing your unique design type, you can create a more aligned, fulfilling, and successful entrepreneurial experience.

If this episode intrigued you, be sure to check out Jill’s quiz and join The Village for a supportive community geared towards growth and alignment. And as always, leave your thoughts and reviews – your feedback fuels further enriching conversations.

About Jill:

Jill Wright is a Holistic Empowerment Guide dedicated to empowering mothers to battle the burnout and create a life they love. Combining time management strategies with self-care tools and spiritual guidance, she helps moms manage their lives without feeling overwhelmed. Wright believes the "cookie-cutter" self-care narrative is doing more harm than good and she is ready to change the tide on how mothers show up for themselves and their children. 

An accomplished speaker, she is the host of the Grow Like a Mother Podcast providing actionable insights and strategies for mothers to beat overwhelm while looking after themselves. 

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