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Are Your Offers Aligned to Your Design?

Today's focus on the podcast is a game-changer—offer alignment. Dive into the world where business strategy meets Human Design, as we unravel the untold story to crafting offers that are aligned and impactful.

I’ll explore the rwo pivotal areas that must align with your offer for seamless promotion and delivery. Remember: the ripple effect of your business success is intricately tied to the alignment of your offers.

I share my personal journey from the transition of an in-person business to the online world. Even with a master's degree in business and local coaching success, navigating the online space initially felt overwhelmingly complicated. The turning point was when I realized I was in a lack of alignment with my Human Design.

I will dive  into the essentials of aligned offers, where we examine the two crucial perspectives—alignment with the client and alignment with your unique human design!

Episode Highlights:

  • The power of combining business strategy with Human Design for clarity and rapid progress.

  • The lightbulb moment: realizing the correlation between frustration in business and lack of alignment with Human Design.

  • Two powerful areas that will transform your business: alignment with the client and alignment with your unique human design.

  • A peek into the common challenges of unaligned offers and how to navigate them for success.


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