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A Fresh Perspective on Marketing Your Business

Join me in this episode of the Design and Align Your Bueinss Podcast as we unravel the magic of marketing your business. šŸš€ Ever wondered what marketing truly means and how to do it right?

What is Marketing, Really?

Iā€™m starting off with a story of a solar professional client who ventured into marketing by telling everyone she knows about the solar panels she is selling, which is a common tip we often hear in the marketing world. We'll explore why blasting your message to everyone might not be the best strategy and how being intentional in marketing is key.

Strategic Aspects of Marketing:

Layers of Marketing: Uncover the layers of marketing beyond just making your existence known. It's about connecting with your audience on different levels.

Share your Uniqueness: Discover the art of standing out in your industry. Learn how to market yourself authentically without resorting to generic comparisons.

Relationship Building: Dive into the importance of building connections. It's not just about your service; it's about the person and values behind the business.

Human Design: Your Secret Marketing Superpower

Explore how understanding your human design type, environment, and profile can revolutionize your marketing game.

Human Design Tips for Marketing Success:

Type Leverage: Lean into your unique design type for a quantum physics-level attraction of your ideal audience.

Environmental Vibes: Reflect on your human design environment to create the right vibe in your marketing strategy.

Profile Power: Embrace your profile's role and consciously show up in alignment with your true self, attracting the right connections.

Discover how aligning your marketing strategy with your human design can make the process feel like a breeze. Your business, when in sync with your unique design, attracts the right clients effortlessly.

Episode Highlights:

  • Understanding the Concept of Marketing

  • The Importance of Intentional Marketing

  • The Role of Marketing in Building Connections

  • Applying Human Design to Your Marketing Strategy

  • Understanding Your Human Design Environment

  • The Role of Your Human Design Profile in Marketing


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