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Introducing the Design and Align Your Business Podcast

Hey there! Welcome to the Design and Align Your Business Podcast - a place where we're on a mission to help you tap into your incredible potential with Human Design, and build a business you truly love. Ever wonder how to draw in the perfect clients or create programs that you're excited to offer? It's all about aligning your business with your unique self, and discovering your unique gifts.

We believe every business strategy has its place, but the trick is finding the ones that feel like a fit for you! That's why we're diving into Human Design - to speed up and simplify the process of creating a business that's totally "you."

Join me, Anna Nichols, in this podcast as we'll blend the magic of Human Design with practical business know-how to guide you in designing a business that feels just right. Think of this as your go-to spot for injecting fresh energy into your business, so you can make the impact you've always dreamed of.

Get ready for an awesome journey filled with inspiration, resources, and actionable tips. Your incredible entrepreneurial adventure begins soon. Mark your calendars for our official launch November 28, 2023!

In the Design and Align Your Business Podcast you will:

  • Tap into your Human Design

  • Learn how to unlock your limitless potential

  • How to attract the right clients using your human design

  • The importance of aligning business with authentic self

  • Creating confident and effective programs that align with you

  • Receive resources, and tips for a fresh spark in your business

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