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Leadership Foundation

Who am I and how does that impact my role as a leader?

  • Self-assessment to intentionally be a lead instead of reactively be a manager.

  • Understanding personal strengths and how to leverage these to lead teams and initiatives.

  • Understanding weaknesses and how to overcome these to still be a successful leader.

Project Management

How can I lead projects or initiatives effectively?

  • Understanding the traditional steps of project management and its effectiveness in leadership

  • Using tools to simplify the process to achieve goals on with available resources and timeline.

  • Navigating unexpected challenges and understanding how to pivot and still succeed.

Team Building

How do I help my staff or peers function cohesively?

  • Creating a safe environment for open two-way communication.

  • Identifying a common bond between people to improve collaboration.

  • Removing barriers preventing forward movement on projects and tasks.

Change Management

How do I get others on board with upcoming changes?

  • Understanding the process and the key activities necessary to create positive change.

  • Using proven methods to encourage organic supporters and convert resisters into supporters.

  • Create a culture that is more accepting of future organizational changes.

Performance Management

How do I lead people and hold them accountable?

  • Understanding how to find individual motivations as a driver of performance.

  • Dealing with poor performance and tools to use to kindly and professionally course correct.

  • Setting clear expectations and tools on holding people accountable for duties and actions.

Strategic Planning

How do I establish meaningful goals and a path to achievement?

  • Understand overall goals and confirm these are the agreed-upon targets of the organization.

  • Establish baselines and an action plan to understand resource needs to achieve the goals.

  • Develop specific targets and a process to review performance regularly.

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