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Become an
Empowered Entrepreneur
& confidently create the
business of your dreams.

You have always known deep in your soul that you are meant for more. Now it's time to create a business that aligns with who you were born to be. It's time to create positive impact and consistent income all while being deeply excited about the future of your business.

It's time for YOU to become an Empowered Entrepreneur!

Creating your soul-aligned business is a mix of mindset and strategy. Joining this Mastermind will help you....

Permanently Release Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back
Embrace Your Authentic Gifts to Stand Out Online
Easily Attract More Soulmate Clients to Your Biz
Strategically Bring Your Big Business Vision into Reality
Consistently Feel Supported on Your Epic Expansion


What You Get Inside the
Empowered Entrepreneur Mastermind

The Empowered Entrepreneur Method

Creating the life & business of your dreams requires a combination of releasing limiting beliefs, embracing your truly authentic self, and having a plan to make it reality.

This method is the foundation of the Empowered Entrepreneur Mastermind.

Creamy Waves


The process of changing deeply ingrained beliefs and patterns that are held at a subconscious level. Remove blocks like fear, imposter syndrome, negative self-talk, and more so you can take the actions necessary to create your soul-aligned business.

Creamy Waves

Human Design

The self-discovery system that combines astrology, the I-Ching, the chakra system, and the Kabbalah to help you better understand your unique strengths, weaknesses, and life purpose. Here we apply this to create the life & business of your dreams!

Creamy Waves


The roadmap to help you take your big business vision and plan it out into achievable next steps. Get clarity on the path that will help you stand out for your unique gifts, attract more soulmate clients into your world, and love the life & biz you are creating. 

Your Commitment

The initial commitment to join the Empowered Entrepreneur Mastermind is 6-months.

Why? Because permanent transformation needs to be nurtured just like your vegetable garden in the summer. When you start, you will plant your mindset and strategy seeds, then nurture them into the flourishing life & business of your dreams!

Joining the Empowered Entrepreneur Mastermind means you are ready to expand into your next level, create new connections, and apply the lessons you learn inside!


The mastermind group meets virtually twice per week.

Official times to be determined by the June cohort.

Next Start Date is July 10, 2023 

This is a rolling enrollment program with several start dates throughout the year. Interested in the program but looking for a future start date? Click the button below to schedule a Mastermind Q&A Call!

Let's create the life & business of your dreams!

Hey there, friend. I am Anna Nichols! 

I have been supporting entrepreneurs & leaders for the last 15+ years and have consistently seen that it doesn't matter how much strategy you may consciously know if you don't subconsciously have the beliefs to support you in actually implementing all your ideas.

Here's the thing, knowing you want to help people and even being really good at it, are not enough to grow an amazing business online.
You need to know how to turn your unique gifts into money!

Top it off with the fact that you have already been developing your mindset and your business strategy, but still have so many ideas and are not sure how to turn all your ideas into a cohesive and profitable business that lights up your soul!

The real secret to next level business success is to
release the limiting beliefs holding you back so you can embrace your truly authentic self and create the life & business of your dreams!

Are you ready to step into your next level? Schedule a Mastermind Q&A call today to see if this is the right fit for you!


Shifting Beliefs

"I have noticed a big shift in my inner thoughts and have found myself switching the words I use. Anna helped me see my self-limiting beliefs and showed me how to re-write them into strong, empowering beliefs."
- Heather -

Creative Thinking

"Anna has a really great ability to help me think outside the box. The way she explains things helps me think of creative and different ways to approach my different situations."
- Linda -

Fresh Perspective

"Anna is extremely creative when it comes to problem solving. She brings a perspective that may seem out of left field, but leads to a solutions that works better than anyone would have predicted."
- Kayla -

New Inspiration

I have grown tenfold through Anna's coaching. I have learned who my ideal clients are and how to get them. I look forward to every session with Anna because I know I'll learn something new and be inspired.
- Suzanne -

OK, I'm ready to transform!
What's the investment?

The investment is small but the results are monumental. This mastermind is designed to help you connect more deeply with yourself so you can embrace your unique gifts and create the life and business of your dreams.

Investment for a 6-month Mastermind Mentorship:

Pay-in Full Option.png

Ready to take your life and business to the next level?

Schedule your Mastermind Q&A call to get started!

But wait! There's more...
Check out these Special Bonuses!

In-Person Retreat

in Beautiful Colorado

An in-person experience designed to be your portal for epic expansion. By joining the mastermind you get a FREE ticket to my Fall 2023 retreat.

Visualization and

Meditation Bundle

Listen to these audio tracks to help you get clarity on your future, become more confident, and create an abundance mindset.


1:1 Coaching

Boost your success by getting monthly 1:1 coaching for extra guidance towards your goals. This bonus is a limited time offer.



Love it or Leave it

It is important that you are committed to your growth and I want you to also feel supported when making your enrollment decision in the Empowered Entrepreneur Mastermind. 

Although the initial commitment is 6-months and honestly, my intention is to create an amazing experience that you love so much that you want to stay much longer...

But, I know life happens and sometimes we need an out. Once in the program you may cancel with 30 days written notice, however must pay at minimum (a) half the pay-in-full price OR (b) three monthly payment plan installments. For cancellations after the half way point, amount will be prorated based on remaining length of time in the program.

But trust me, with this level of inspiration, vision, friendship, knowledge, inspiration, and support... you are going to want to stick around for the long run!

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